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HubSpot Tips: How to Create a Campaign [VIDEO]

By Candace Tang • April 11, 2018

HubSpot's marketing automation tool allows you to review campaign assets like landing pages and calls-to-action and promote them across blog posts, social posts, emails and trigger nurturing sequences.

“An inbound marketing campaign is a concentrated effort that aligns all of your marketing activities around one goal.”

An inbound marketing campaign helps you attract prospects to your offers and identify the most effective offers that generate traffic and increase conversion rates. All metrics to achieve a single business goal with metrics around visits, contacts and customers helps you best ascertain the success of these efforts.

5 Steps to Create a Campaign in HubSpot

Step 1. Go to HubSpot Marketing, navigate to Productivity and click on Campaigns.

Step 2. On Campaigns dashboard, click on Create a new campaign. Name your campaign and click Create

Step 3. You can then edit details to the campaign you just created. 

Campaign Description: set your campaign start and end date, budge and associated personas.

Campaign Goals: And edit your campaign goals of visits, contacts and customers.

Convert Contacts: select the keywords and landing pages that are associated with your campaign.

Step 4. Associate emails, CTAs, blog posts and social posts that create traffic to promote your campaign.

Step 5. Associate workflows with the campaign to nurture your contacts.

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