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Let's talk people-first things. Join the club!

About Us

Creating more 'connected' businesses by aligning strategy and operations.

At our strategic design agency, we specialise in digital transformation. Collaborating with you, we revamp your online presence to perfectly match the needs of your customers. Utilising cutting-edge digital tools, we enhance both customer and employee experiences to optimise performance and success.

Since 2015, we've been working with businesses of all sizes across APAC, with our HQ in Melbourne, Australia. 

Our mission is to humanise sales & marketing so all technology conversations put people first and help businesses grow faster and better. 

Our Values

Better Than Before

We want to make 'being online' be better for people each day. We work on creating experiences that connect better with people whether through design, websites or content. 

Build Trust First

Without trust, businesses fail. We want to make sure that who we are is reflected in what we do and say. In aligning these, we become more authentic & build trust.

Do the Right Thing

We take our brand seriously. This includes the way we carry ourselves, treat our coworkers and customers in a way that’s respectful, communicative and culminates in delight. We don’t dilute doing the right thing. Our strong professional conscience helps us take the right decisions in everything we do.

Always Learning

We seek constant improvement and continually strive to learn more about our industry and contribute greater than what is expected. Our entrepreneurial spirit pushes us to take initiative and help improve ourselves and our processes. We are proactive not reactive.


Pledge 1%

Connect Labs is proud to join the Pledge 1% community and encourages other companies to take the pledge and leverage their business as a force for good.

Our Crew

Say hello virtually or in-person anytime. We'd love to!

soumya indurti new

Soumya Indurti

Founder & Digital Strategist

  • Indian roots, Australian wings.
  • Spelling colour without the ‘u’ irks me LOTS.
  • Ex-Googler. That sums up how I started my life in Digital.
  • Interested in exploring human connection with brands online.
roshan square copy

Roshan Thaliath

Data & Tech Associate

  • Tropical India to arid Bahrain to rainy Melbourne.
  • Loves talking tech, from websites to the cloud and beyond.
  • Collects badges in buzzwords like Machine Learning, AI and Data Analytics.



Jiyun Bang

Design Consultant

  • From Korea, Melbourne's home now.
  • Believes in minimalistic design that creates a connection.
  • Runs after a toddler when not worried about UX.
  • Makes a mean bibimbap.