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How to convert your blog readers into subscribers or leads

By Soumya Indurti • November 17, 2015
You don't want a VIVO - visitor in visitor out - formula for your blog. You want them to return for more. Let's discover the basics of blog marketing. Spolier: You need more than just a subscription form.

Business blogging can boost business growth in many ways - it gives your brand a voice,  brings in traffic to your website and provides interesting content to the reader. 

Here's an example: You get 8,000 visitors to your website with a visitor to lead conversion rate of 0.1%. It's time review how many visitors actually convert to loyal subscribers or event better become leads and try a service. What you actually need is to create a path for them to consider more than just reading your blog. Here are 3 important things to keep in mind:

Encourage blog subscription

There are many ways to get a website visitor to give you an email. One way is asking them to subscribe to your blog to receive more information on an ongoing basis allowing you to nurture them by addressing their needs, solving their problems and being the solution. You can either ask for an email straightaway or double the value exchange by asking your visitor to click through to a landing page providing more information of what the reader will receive on subscribing to the blog. You can A/B test on your blog whether you get more emails with a form vs. a CTA going to a landing page.


Create a path to conversion

Providing more value to your readers also means that you identify the path that they need to take to solve a pain point. Say you have a visitor reading an article that will take about 3 minutes to read and has already stayed on your blog for over a minute going through what more the article might have to offer. It's time to answer the question that's in the mind of your reader - what do I do next? You can start by adding a CTA to the end of each article and furthering the interest of a website visitor to become a lead by providing a clear path to convert. 

Be consistent in producing content

Content that you create via your blog is owned by you and will create recurring revenue for you over time. Only thing you need to do is to be consistent and follow the two important tips above - provide a path to convert and who knows you may get your ideal customer buying/interested in your service much before you thought they would. 



So don't let that 'visitor in visitor out' experience last. Create a path for your readers to walk on and journey through. If they are reading what you are writing about eventually their interest will turn in to a sale. After all, that's what business blogging is all about - marketing for humans.

P.S: These are screenshots of a client TOP's (Totally Optimized Projects) website who have some great resources on project success and project management. 

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