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Hamish Litt

How Google Works

By Hamish Litt • November 21, 2018

Google is an incredible search engine, but not everybody understands how it manages to come up with the results it does (and how it does it so quickly!). This guide explains three major aspects of the Google search: spiders, ranking systems, and other fun features for specific results.


Events in October!

By Hamish Litt • October 21, 2018

Whether you're a new or established HubSpot user, we've got two events lined up this month which we'd love for you to come along to! Firstly, our event with OneRoof: Hubspot for Startups on 25 October. Secondly, getting along to the Melbourne Hubspot User Groups, on 31 October.


Enjoy our selection of some recent technological breakthroughs direct out of China. Some of these innovations are more conventional than others: inventions include supercomputers, phone chips, high-speed rails, suit-case motorcycles and more.


The world of inbound marketing is built on the premise that customers should speak more, and be spoken at less. Learning how to listen can help to create positive change in your workplace, leading to more efficient, meaningful and long-lasting outcomes for both you and your clients.