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3 Websites Making Boring Industry Content Cool

By Alex McLean • August 9, 2016

Everyone wants their content to be interesting and engaging - after all, you want people to read it or watch it! If you're in the business of something like travel, fashion or entertainment, you're kinda set. That stuff is already interesting. It'd be a crime to make it uninteresting. But sometimes if you're working in say, the drill industry, it can be a bit harder to get excited about your content.

Never fear, for boring content doesn't have to be boring! 

It seems a bit mean, but it's probably more accurate to say that there is no innately 'boring' content, only boring content creators. So let's amend that statement to:

Never fear, for boring content creators don't have to be boring!

You can easily be an interesting writer, you just have to believe in yourself. No, really. The first step is getting excited about what you're creating. Realise how much potential your topic has.  has a super useful piece on Copyblogger to help you brainstorm that potential. There's a lot of help out there with a quick Google search on how to write something interesting. Dan Moyle is the king in this regard, with his famous refrain of 'screw sexy, be helpful'.

So I thought I'd give you some examples of some cool 'boring' content made interesting for some inspiration. 

1. REST Superannuation

Super is not a particularly interesting topic. It's also not glamorous - who wants to think about being old? REST has made a real effort to make their content educational and easily digestible. Instead of having a standard blog layout, they've made the content interactive. When you enter the blog (called 'the Hub') it customises the content according to your age, if you're a REST member and asks you how much you know about super. You can then scroll through a timeline that has relevant content to your circumstances. RESTSuper.png

Each of the stages/blogs are educational for those interested in learning about super (quite a complex topic). And that's an important thing to remember, you're trying to be helpful! Super isn't inherently interesting, but guess what? It's interesting to someone trying to learn about super! They're communicating in a nice, simple and relaxed way. They've even included a nice Gwyneth Paltrow reference here. 


When you click through to an actual article, they keep the good mojo going. Information is chunked nicely, the blog looks great and the content is instructional and to the point.

What's done right:

  • Excellent content strategy makes information easily accessible
  • Interactive and personalised content makes it more relevant and enjoyable
  • Attractive interface
  • Well-written, direct and educational content



I actually don't think property/real estate is a boring topic, but I appreciate that some might consider it a little dry! is a great example of a 'boring' topic with plenty of related content which is interesting; design, architecture, suburb profiles, DIY etc. 

The website is a part of the huge success of the Australian multinational, REA Group. is an award-winning website with particular success in UX and mobile app development. This is reflected on their excellent website and blog. The blog is a mix of all things property. Also, if you look up the top menu you'll see some handy tools and advice and some cool aspirational content, such as 'Dream Homes'. I really like this blog because it's a mix of education, information, marketing trends, aspirational posts and quirky stuff. Anyone could find something to read on here. It positions the website as an all-in-one location for property; not only can you search for properties to buy, rent or sell, you can also educate yourself on the industry. Take the time to look at the blog post titles to see the huge breadth of content they have. 

Realestate-blog.pngAnother neat feature they've got on the website is a kind of online scrapbooking/idea board (yes, they also have Pinterest). Their Home Ideas section has a collection of images relating to certain styles within certain areas of the home:



REA Group has had huge success with their online empire. If you're interested in knowing more how to be awesome online, Nigel Dalton (REA Group's Chief Information Officer) is actually a keynote speaker at the CS Forum 2016 in Melbourne this October! It's a great opportunity to hear from the best in digital. 

What's done right:

  • Great variety of content
  • Content is not restricted to property search, it encompasses everything about homes and living
  • Clean UX
  • Comprehensive and educational

3. Vend

You might not have heard of Vend, but they're a New Zealand SaaS company doing very well for themselves! They provide PoS software to retailers. I'm not sure what's more boring than PoS software. Accounting software, maybe?

Vend is very cool. I'm in love with them and I'm not even in retail (anymore, praise the Lord). Look how cute this first post is: Vendor of the Week. And it's about confectionery. My heart has been won. But seriously, that is a lovely idea. Like, they've got a great mix of content including tips for retailers, product news and client profiles. They're really providing something of use to their customers. 


What they've done right:

  • Beautiful interface
  • Relevant and helpful content for customers
  • Client recognition

 So there you have it - three examples of 'boring' content done well! They're all pretty alright, aren't they? I've used blogs as examples, but obviously content includes other stuff like video production and social media. The key thing to remember is that successful content is helpful. 

Don't lose sight of who you're writing for and why. If you produce high quality content, it will be interesting to people who are searching for your keywords. Do everything you can to make your content shine!


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