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    The HubSpot CRM Suite gives you the ability to remove manual tasks, automate processes and more importantly improve your operations at scale. In this video, we'll walk you through one such instance of this: how to create a HubSpot workflow to generate sales qualified leads, in this case free trials. 

    While this workflow caters to SaaS companies, it can be easily adapted in any situation where you want to an automate a pathway that converts someone from being marketing qualified to sales qualified. 

    Watch our video for how to set up this workflow, step by step! 


    By generating free trial leads with a workflow, you'll not only be relieving your team from a number of one-off communications, but you'll be bringing them more joy to how they work. 

    Courtney Cervantes
    Post by Courtney Cervantes
    May 24, 2021
    Hi, I'm Court. I'm an Online Experience Strategist and love making sure businesses find success online. I particularly love consulting on the details of how to make something work and remove unnecessary actions from workflows.