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    Introducing an exciting new feature to HubSpot's reporting suite - Customer Journey Reports.

    This latest addition promises to provide invaluable insights into the customer journey, helping businesses make informed decisions and optimise their marketing and sales strategies. A must-have for Enterprise License users, this feature opens up a world of possibilities for visualising and analysing customer interactions at every touchpoint. 

    Please note that this feature is only available on the Enterprise License for Marketing / Sales 



    1. Select the object to visualize (Contact or Deal)
    2. Select the object filters to exclude the objects that you don't want to see like old contacts or old deals. (based on list memberships or lifecycle stages)
    3. Select the touchpoints and interactions that you want to visualize. (listed below)
    4. Select the chart type that best suits the type of customer journey you want to report on.

    What are some use cases?

    • Website Effectiveness for lead creation / conversion
    • Which channel is best for lead creation / conversion
    • Campaign stage that has the most impact on prospects
    • Top down view of the customer journey
    • Which campaign stage is most conducive to the outcome that you care about most

    Filter & Touchpoint Options


    • Webpage visits
    • Lifecycle Stage + Company Lifecycle Stage
    • Ad Interactions
    • HubSpot Calls
    • CTA Interactions
    • Document View / Interaction 
    • Email Interaction
    • Event Interaction
    • Payment Interactions
    • Sequence Enrolments
    • List membership / Form Submission
    • Form submissions
    • Property filters 


    • Pipeline stages 


    Set some touchpoints as optional to make less strict filters. For a higher level visualisation.


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    Roshan Thaliath
    Post by Roshan Thaliath
    February 22, 2024
    Roshan is a Technical Analyst at Connect Labs. He is a tech enthusiast that loves bringing value to customers and businesses through custom product and data solutions.