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    Every now and then we love giving a shout-out to places that shine in tech and focus on building stronger communities that celebrate human connection. Today in our coworking and community spotlight article we are featuring YBF Ventures, which is not only a coworking space, but an innovation ecosystem focused on Melbourne’s technology landscape. Carrying the flag of unconventionality, YBF is a pioneer in scaling the next generation of startups that are pushing the boundaries of technology.  

    About YBF

    Set-up inside an 1850 heritage building, YBF Ventures is embedded in the wider context of the technology space which enables professionals to work with like-minded individuals and experts from the industry and beyond. The space is an ultimate juxtaposition of old and new which offers a culture of collaboration and resource sharing. While YBF focuses on nurturing new businesses and startups, it also places high importance on building a community that is uniquely curated, more proactive, and prioritises events, member engagement and better networking. They strive to go above and beyond the average coworking environment and truly build a strong, happy and tight-knit community. 

    YBF Melbourne 13

    This is a worthwhile effort given that according to the Global Coworking Survey, our happiness is linked to other people and “The value of having strong communities is universal.”

    At Connect Labs, we believe in designing experiences that unlock the potential of people and businesses through establishing better human connections and creating a #workhappy community.    

    YBF has the productive energy of connecting and collaborating, along with office perks like meeting rooms, 24x7 access, free gourmet coffee, and well-being classes, like yoga. They also have monthly events where members can network, share their knowledge and expertise through workshops. On top of that, they provide startups the resources they need to grow and succeed through their partnerships with organisations like The Victorian Government to create a thriving fintech community, Lander and Rogers to provide legal expertise, and the Australian Federal Government to launch the world’s first Web 3.0 hub, a platform to facilitate the web’s next major iteration.

    All perks aside, member-based organisations like YBF are ensuring that their members get the maximum benefits from their community and are able to make a real impact on a global level.

    For more on YBF, check out their website or their #beyondcoworking moments on Instagram.

    If you’re also a coworking space or member-based organisation looking to grow, engage and retain your members then download our complimentary Inbound Guide for Membership-based Organisations today and book a free consultation with our team. 


    Aarushi Sawhney
    Post by Aarushi Sawhney
    June 28, 2019