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How To Create Value With Content in 2018

By Max Howitt-Ross • April 20, 2018

Content is like currency, if you flood the market then it will lose its value. We engage with blogs, instagram posts and videos because it creates value - it entertains and educates.  With so much content out there, how do you ensure your content offers more value than any of your competitors?

What is value?

What is and what is not of value is entirely subjective depending on your audience and given the breadth of social media it is impossible to float everyone's boat. Adding value to your audience is a fundamental aspect of inbound marketing basics. However, some concepts are universally considered to be of high value and thus should underpin all content as a part of your content strategy.

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Value is positivity.

First and foremost, positivity is valued by just about everyone. Whether it's an inspirational quote, a funny caption or even a meme, positivity is universally appealing to content consumers. Not only does positivity add value to your content, but it also engages with your audience on a personal level by making them laugh, for example. This little, yet meaningful, connection will entice visitors back to your content; in turn, increasing the likelihood of converting.

Value is standing out.

People value content that is different and unlike what they've been scrolling through for the past 20 minutes. Whether it be through your own unique perception, storytelling or just your own personality, find a way to differentiate your content from all else out there in a meaningful way, not just in a trivial sense by publishing something merely because it's 'interesting'. This differentiation should span across all social media mediums whether visual or audible.

Value is simple with a hint of silly.

Tying back to my two previous points, simplicity and lightheartedness both convey positivity and help your content to stand apart from that of your competitors. In an age where we are constantly inundated with information, less is often more so make sure to focus on quality, not quantity. Moreover, making use of colloquial language and humour is refreshing for consumers and additionally has the potential to convey a more human aspect of your brand; another way to further engage with content consumers.

Value in a nutshell.

Content of value is that which is made with your audience, not for them, and quite simply helps in a real way. This help is most effectively achieved when content is created through an empathetic lens whereby it's about offering meaningful value to your audience; whether happiness or something else genuinely worthy to your content consumer. Ultimately, creating content of value for consumers starts with ensuring it's of value to you. Create from a place of passion, enjoy what you produce and so will everyone else, hopefully.