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    To ensure your content reaches its peak performance, you need to optimise it for search engines. With HubSpot's SEO optimisation tool, you can quickly check whether or not your blog post is optimised for your chosen keywords. It's really easy to use – all you have to do is enter your target keywords and follow HubSpot's suggestions.

    How to optimise your blog post

    Step 1: Plan your blog post

    Choose a purpose, format and topic for your blog post. Determine which buyer persona the post will target and which keywords you want it to rank for.

    Step 2: Write your blog post

    Create your blog post, following SEO best practice:

    • Title: no longer than 60 characters and includes your primary keyword
    • Post body: includes your keywords but doesn't repeated them more than five times each
    • Links: internal links are relevant, with a target keyword in their title and URL
    • Images: at least one all with <alt> text (bonus points for target keyword in the <alt> text)
    • Call-to-action: at least one
    • URL: includes at least one keyword
    • Meta description: no longer than 155 characters, with at least one keyword

    Step 3: Check the SEO optimisation panel

    To access the SEO panel, click the chart icon on the top left of the blog editor:

    Click the chart icon to open HubSpot's SEO panel

    Enter your target keywords to generate HubSpot's optimisation suggestions. If the title of your blog post has a keyword that's already in the Keyword tool, HubSpot will automatically enter it as a target keyword.

    Now simply follow HubSpot's optimisation suggestions to improve your blog post's performance.

    Conclusion: SEO and blogging

    Blogging is one of the best ways improve your website's search engine ranking and is fundamental to inbound marketing. Optimising your blog posts for your target keywords will increase traffic to your site, better target your buyer personas and generate more leads.


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    Jess Stewart
    Post by Jess Stewart
    August 18, 2016
    Jess is the Marketing Coordinator at Connect Labs. If there's a better way to organise something, she'll find it.