HubSpot Tips: How to Block Free Email Domains [VIDEO]

By Courtney Cervantes • August 5, 2020

Regardless of the size of your team or how much time you might have, spending time engaging with poor leads is not worth your effort. One way to make sure the leads that come through your website are as valuable as possible is by only accepting business emails on your forms. 

People tend to use their business emails for content or services they are genuinely interested in, whereas free email domains, which people tend to have for their personal emails, are used if someone wants a free content download, for example, but doesn't want to be contacted. They can also often be used by competitors who don't want to reveal their association by providing their business email. 

To avoid these types of submissions, HubSpot forms make it easy to block all or specific free email domains.

Watch our video to see how to do this in less than 60 seconds!

Take a look at our HubSpot 60 seconds Tips and ensure you're only getting the most valid email addresses now!

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