Well, we're all now forced to move online and go virtual with our events too. In light of that we're bringing together a panel of experts to help you overcome fear of the unknown and focus on money and growth for the upcoming year.

Here's who you'll be hearing from:

Damien Elsing

Known for great content and campaigns, Damien will chat about how great content can help you be found, discovered and create brands that are loved.

Shelin David

Will be chatting to us about business performance and measuring success with numbers so you can stay on top of your business whether it's cashflow or your hiring plans. 

Soumya Indurti

Learn about how enabling your sales and marketing with robust operations can help you alleviate growing pains.

Sheree Rubinstein

Discover how creating a community to support and lift others provides a very necessary and human way of growing a business.

We can't wait to see you. Join us in September till the end of the year! (well almost...)

Simplify and Survive Series Melbourne