How to Restore a Previous Version of a HubSpot CMS Page

When a Ctrl+Z moment happens to a live page, you need to know how to fix it fast. The quickest way to do this in HubSpot is to revert back to a previous version of the page.

In HubSpot's editor, you can view all the revisions that have been made to a webpage, landing page, blog post, and email. You can then choose to restore an older version and undo those problematic changes. Phew! Crisis averted.

How to undo changes to a page in HubSpot

Step 1: Edit page

For website pages: Navigate to Marketing > Website > Website Pages.

For landing pages: Navigate to Marketing > Landing Pages.

For blog: Navigate to Marketing > Website > Blog.

Find the page or post you want to change, hover your cursor over it to bring up the actions buttons and click 'Edit'

Step 2: View revisions

On the page, look to the top left hand corner and you'll see an indicator that looks like a link showing when it was last saved. Hover over that indicator and you'll see a window where you have the option to see 'version history'. 

Click that 'version history' link and you'll see all the past versions to date.

Step 3: Update page

To restore the page to a previous version, simply select the version you'd like to restore and click 'Restore this version' in the top right corner. 


If you're redoing a live webpage, landing page or blog post and something goes awry, reverting back to an older version is a quick and easy way to set it right again.

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