Making the right technology choices will help you spend less time on tools and more time connecting with people.

Technology can make our lives at work better by making things easier, but more often than not it complicates rather than it simplifies work. This could be because how you work vs. how the tech should work for you don't match up. 

We can help discover and design solutions to achieve goals and accelerate your success. Here are the two pathways for us to work together:

1. Established business looking to accelerate, innovate, drive efficiencies through tech

If you have dated systems that once worked and don't anymore or if you're at a stage of growth where you would like to explore how technology can help you scale, improve efficiency and lower costs, we would love to help guide you along that journey. 

We can help you explore options around existing software that can support your objectives as well as bespoke solutions that can be designed specifically for your unique business needs.

2. New business looking to build a product

We partner with businesses to bring ideas to life with technology.  We can build the entire product eco-system across cloud, mobile and wearable devices, ensuring seamless integration & an engaging user experience.

If you are non-tech Founder of a startup and want help with creating a viable product, we can act as your CTO and advise you of next steps and also provide you with a technical design so you can quickly move from ideation to execution!



Do you only work with specific technology?

Not at all! Our focus is your goals and what you need to achieve or solve. Based on what we find through our discovery process, we'll suggest the best tech (either pre-existing or bespoke) to support your organisation's goals.

How do you work? 

Initial Consultation + Discovery

We will have an initial consultation to understand what it is that you are trying to achieve and how we will be able to support you. Subsequently, we will set up a time-boxed (usually a few weeks) discovery phase with the relevant members of your team and ours to dive deeper into creating solutions and technical design. This phase will be highly collaborative to ensure that we are in alignment around your business goals. 

Upon completion of the discovery phase, we will create a discovery guide that outlines how a solution needs to be configured (in case of an existing software solution) or built (if you require a bespoke solution) and an indicative timeline and effort associated with it.

Build + Implementation

If you would like to work with us to continue with the implementation or actual build phase, we are happy to move forward with you, however if you would like to work with a partner of your choice, we will make sure you are in a position to go into that conversation with clarity and a robust technical design. 

How much does it cost?

This depends on the size of your team, the intricacies of your business and processes, etc. You might just need a quick 2-hour consult or  you might need multiple meetings. Starting price is generally is AU$5,000*. That said, once we've received and discussed your initial assessment, we will price out each phase. 

*If you would also like help with build, development and implementation of your future system, we can jump in. This would range anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000 and upwards.

Can we have an ongoing tech partnership?

We're always about building relationships with the people that we work with, so in short, yes, we'd love if that happened. Post our discovery process, we want you to walk away with a solution you can implement yourself (or via your choice of developers) - but we'd love to continue with you on your journey. Our #workhappy values are for real, we promise, and we want you to be happy with a solution that just works, so you can see its business value and we can continue to do awesome work together.