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Focus on building relationships and let the tools do the rest. 



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On an average a sales person has to spend 30 hours a month searching for and creating sales materials*. Imagine how much more time they'd have if they didn't have to!

*Source: Aragon Research 

What you're facing:

  • Too many leads no way to prioritise
  • Unable to forecast MoM or QoQ revenue
  • Team spends too much time on admin tasks
  • Content being delivered without context
  • Lack of operational documentation
  • Disjointed systems causing inefficiency  

How we can help:

  • Score your leads
  • Set up processes and pipeline stages
  • Develop engaging collateral
  • Document operations
  • Automate mundane & repetitive tasks  
  • Evaluate & integrate your tech stack

Why it makes sense:

  • Prioritise the right leads
  • Know how much revenue to expect
  • Greater productivity
  • More engaged leads
  • Consistency in how things are done
  • Tech systems working better together

When you connect better, you grow better. 

Your way of working should be aided by the use of software that can help your business scale and grow. 

We can help you organise, systemise and strengthen your sales and ultimately grow revenue.

We want to leave you feeling less frustrated, more supported and overall happy!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your priorities. 

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We started working with Connect Labs to uncover key priorities that helped us establish a single source of truth and create measurable business outcomes for us. We've seen an increase in productivity and efficiency across our business - from tracking sessions and conversions from our website to how our sales team works. We're really enjoying HubSpot and it's been great to be able to turn to Connect Labs to help us use it in a way that works best for us!

Tom M
Business Owner, Visionary Digital

We started working with Connect Labs earlier this year and since we have updated and automated our sales and marketing process and more importantly have a single source of truth that's not in spreadsheets! We started with the CRM, added the sales hub and now marketing too. Definitely recommend workshops with Connect Labs if you are looking to set up your company for growth!

Peter Newman
PC Audio Visual

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