Our workshops are designed to be practical and give you dedicated time to effectively improve your marketing and sales. 

Often we’ve worked with clients who have been so busy “doing” they aren’t able to take the time to review “how” they are doing things. During these sessions, we refine and refresh your way of working to better achieve your goals and align those plans and processes within HubSpot. 

Here are the two workshops we offer that we can further customise for you or your team:

Workshop 1: Sales Process Design, Operations & Enablement

We learn more about your team’s current way of working and use that information to improve and redesign your sales process and map that to how you can work everyday. We’ll also review how content and resources can enable your team to sell more in less time. Finally, we will review your sales pipeline and opportunity tracking so you can see your revenue and growth easily.

Workshop 2: Buyer’s Journey, Lifecycle Stages & Lead Nurturing

We learn more about your buyer personas and map out their journey from different channels to your CRM. Once a contact is in your database, we’ll uncover the qualifiers that make them more valuable to your business and determine the personalised content that will engage them till they are sales ready. We’ll also work with you on ensuring that you have the right email marketing strategy to communicate with your buyer throughout their lifecycle.



How long is each workshop? 

Each workshop is designed to go for about 2 hours. This is how long we've noticed that people stay productive and alert. Beyond that, participation generally declines, and we don't want to waste your time! Our workshops are designed to establish a connection and build trust based on expectations we've set - we spend a fair bit of time on reviewing your needs and create a path to follow up for the next 3 weeks. 

Where are the workshops held?

We can host the workshop at our office or at yours. If you are local in Melbourne, we charge a once-off fee and if outside we will add the cost to travel and opportunity cost fee. If you are not in Melbourne, we can do this online! (Not the same as a warm, friendly handshake or hug, but we can really try. We've done this a few times and it works).

Can we have an ongoing partnership?

We're always about building relationships with the people that we work with, so in short, yes, we'd love if that happened. Post our initial workshop, we want you to walk away with a solution you can keep improving on, and we will also check in with you for 3 weeks, so you're working on tasks from the workshop everyday. We'd love to continue with you on your journey if all of us get along!

Our #workhappy values are for real, we promise, and we want you to be happy with a solution that just works, so you can see its business value and we can continue to do awesome work together.