As a HubSpot user, there's heaps to learn about the products. We make it easy by allowing you to focus on crucial elements of achieving success.  Join us for a day's worth of HubSpot gems to pick up your skills and master topics or simply watch videos in the comfort of your office, home or as you sip on a latte. 

We're listing out our upcoming trainings for you to register and master HubSpot with us, quickly!

Workshop 1: Topic Clusters for SEO & Content Strategy

Duration: 2 hours

Who is this for: HubSpotters of all levels who want to learn how to use HubSpot's new Content Strategy Tool.

Pre-requisites & Preparation: Understand who your buyer persona(s) are and have funnels set up.

Search engine algorithm changes and longer conversational search queries are changing the way marketers do SEO. It is important for our SEO strategies to adapt to the way users' expectation of machines being able to understand and even anticipate users' needs and questions. Marketing leaders like Neil Patel and Moz are already using Topic Clusters as their SEO strategy. It's time for you to jump on the bandwagon and start writing better content optimised for search engines and humans. And with the new Content Strategy tool in HubSpot, we have the right tools to help optimise content for both, search engines and users. By the end of the workshop, you will have a strong understanding of Topic Clusters, know what metrics to measure and how to use the Content Strategy tool in HubSpot to execute your strategy. 


Workshop 2: Buyer Personas, Funnels and CRM

Duration: 2 hours

Who is this for: Anyone (no need to be a HubSpot user)

Pre-requisites & Preparation: n/a

Ask yourself three questions: Do you have conversion paths set up for your ideal customers to take? Are you creating content that your ideal customers want to engage with? Is your CRM set up correctly for business success? An effectively funnel and buyer personas are vital components of a successful inbound marketing for the sales and marketing departments. Knowing who your buyer personas are will help you create well thought out and more personalised content. It will help your business to attract prospects (of the right fit) and close deals with them. During the two-hour workshop, we will clearly identify your buyer persona(s), marketing and sales funnel and how to maximise HubSpot's FREE CRM. You will walk away with a solid understanding of how you can use buyer persona and funnel insights to create and execute your inbound marketing strategy. Start identifying behavioural patterns of your ideal customers, know what makes them tick and create a data-driven marketing and sales strategies. Register for this workshop today.


Workshop 3: Lead Nurturing Tools and Strategy

Duration: 2 hours

Who is this for: Anyone with Intermediate to Advanced knowledge on HubSpot

Pre-requisites & Preparation: On a Marketing Pro or Enterprise HubSpot license

Even in 2018, email boasts one of the highest engagement rates of any marketing strategy. Email gives businesses the ability to communicate with potential and existing customers on a 1-to-1 basis, at scale. Lead nurturing is crucial in converting leads and customers into loyal promoters of your businesses. It ensures your brand is always at the forefront of their minds. The key to an effective email marketing strategy is to send highly segmented, personalised and strategic messages. By tailoring your emails that better resonates with your lead's interests and behaviour, you will be able to nudge them closer towards the decision stage faster. During this practical workshop, you will learn how to use the HubSpot Marketing software to send automated emails, incorporate modern tips into your lead nurturing strategy and develop a lead nurturing strategy that actually converts. Getting this right from the start is key to better marry your marketing and sales effort. 


 Workshop 4: Website Wireframing, Design and Build

Duration: 2 hours

Who is this for: Marketers with Intermediate to Advanced knowledge on HubSpot (no coding experience needed)

Pre-requisites & Preparation: On a Marketing Pro or Enterprise HubSpot license

This practical workshop is designed for Intermediate to Advanced HubSpotters who want to take their website design and build to the next level. You will learn fundamentals of a conversion-focused website and build website strategies for website visitors at different stages of your marketing and sales funnel using smart content. You will also learn how to use basic CSS and how to use different custom and global modules in HubSpot's Design Manager to make changes on your website. By the end of the workshop, you will leave with a solid foundation to develop a strong website strategy with clear conversion paths, as well as, drag and drop your way to beautiful website page and landing page templates - without the help of your IT team. Marketers, it's time to put your design and developer hats on.