Intern Showcase

We're proud hosts of students from The University of Melbourne. We have a pool of very smart people applying to intern with us and we're very lucky to have them.

We've also hosted some senior interns  who are pros in some areas of sales of marketing but need a more hands-on learning approach to know more about every element by getting their hands dirty.

Through our 3-month program, our interns are well-trained and qualified for their next big opportunity. Take a look at some of them below:



Ann Pocock

Senior Marketing Communications Strategist

  • Challenger of the status-quo
  • Master idea generator & a knack for thinking differently
  • Lover of storytelling & lead generation
  • Sales and marketing alignment cupid
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge – Thanks Einstein!


Kathryn Bean

Marketing Strategist

  • Australian born and bred, with UK citizenship!
  • Mother of two beautiful children
  • Adventure seeker
  • Lover of sun, salt, sea and snow
  • Strategist. B2B marketing specialist
  • Enthralled in gaining Engagement and Digital Marketing expertise
  • Concurrently doing an Internship with ADMA, the Australian association for data driven marketing


Claire Frost

Social Media Specialist

  • Master of Marketing Communications from the University of Melbourne
  • Melbourne coffee snob
  • Roller skater who dreams of the derby league
  • Occasional crochet enthusiast with leanings to embroidery
  • Cinephile and super fan of Batman
  • Crazed fan of the Charlie Parker series by John Connolly


Jack Chen

Advertising Enthusiast

  • Master of Global Media Communications from the University of Melbourne
  • Major consumer of potato fries
  • Analytical 


Natasya Rallios

Social Media Specialist

  • Master of Marketing and Communications from the University of Melbourne
  • Juggler of roles and internships
  • LinkedIn profile ponderor


Beverly (Piaoyang) Wang

UX Design Enthusiast

  • Incoming Master of Information (Human Computer Interaction) from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 
  • UX research and design expert
  • Avid reader
  • Keen traveler


Uma Chidambaram

Digital Marketing Rockstar

  • Digital Marketer with extensive experience in Advertising industy 
  • Amazing Photographer 
  • Pro in making delicious Indian food