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Recap B2BSaaS Melbourne

By Soumya Indurti • June 15, 2017

Connect Labs is working on creating experiences via events to help B2B or SaaS businesses drive revenue.  The B2B SaaS Show in June this year will host some amazing speakers and experts in sales, marketing and online collaboration. 

First up, Daniel Graziano from SitePoint. 

We're excited to bring you expert tips on succeeding in the digital marketing world from Daniel Graziano, Head of Growth and Revenue at SitePoint


Tip 1: Think about revenue early to get ahead 

Daniel has been entrepreneurial from the start. Cutting his teeth in affiliate marketing, bootstrapped growth and starting his own consulting company helped him focus on what is most important to running a business - ROI. A marketer's core function is effectiveness in driving growth or revenue.

Tip 2:  Build your online presence early

An early start keeps you ahead in the game. Get a head start in any way you can. University is one thing that gives you the basics down, but the thing that really gets you ahead is the experience.

orange-quotation-marks-hi.png Do whatever it takes to add value to your resume early on and build new skills. If it means freelancing, do that. If it means interning somewhere, do that. The key here is to demonstrate and develop a few core skills: Curiousity, drive and innovative thinking. 

Tip 3:  Lead Generation and Lifetime Value (LTV) are important for increasing conversion rates

In Daniel's hybrid role, he looks at marketing conversions and how they relate to the revenue. he mentions two pillars that drive success:

  • Lead Generation (how many leads we’ve gotten in business)
  • LTV (Lifetime Value of the customer)

Tip 4: Focus on data enrichment to increase engagement

SitePoint has a pretty big database of users - a whopping 550K active subscribers!

Such a large database of subscribers requires that we're clear about what motivates our users (their persona) and the end point - their lifetime purpose for existing on our list.

We have a defined strategy in place to get to know our audience better and understand how to engage with them and ultimately drive sustainable conversion.  

Complete Q&A transcript

Q: You're really young and already Head of Growth and Revenue at SitePoint, what has spurred your career growth?

A: Aligning my role to revenue gave me a headstart, doing affiliate marketing on my own and running a small consultancy meant that I was immediately tied to driving the bottom line. The closer you can get to revenue early on, the closer you can get to the core things (people, funding, trust) that drive the business forward. 

Q: What tips do you have for young professionals?

A: Get a head start in any way you can. University is one thing that helps you get the basics down, but the thing that really gets you ahead is the experience. Do whatever it takes to add value to your resume. If it means freelancing, do that. If it means interning somewhere, do that. In most cases entry level University isn't going to give you real-world thinking,  nor is it going to help develop the network you need to quickly cement your position and climb the ranks. You need to earn it through hard work. 

Q: SitePoint has a lot of offers on the website, how do you look at marketing goals and measure conversions?

A: Unlike a lot of other businesses, SitePoint operates as a publication (where  we're concerned about staying on trend, and have metrics like engagement, traffic growth), eCommerce (where we focus on things like conversion optimisation, platform growth, product development) and Performance (we focus on things like lead acquistion, data enrichment, partner fit, etc).

Each of those functions have their own metrics and associated goals, and it's a fine balance aligning all the functions to proactively help each other succeed. So performance of the offers on the site is less about their individual performance right now, and more about the strategy which ties it all together to build an ecosystem that helps all 3 functions grow along side each other. 

Join us at the B2B SaaS Show to learn more about a content-first approach to marketing. It's on June 22nd at 81, City Road in Southbank.  Hope to see you there!


Soumya Indurti, Connect Labs

Alex Papli, State of Matter

Daniel Graziano, Sitepoint

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