Soumya Rao Indurti

Digital Strategist & Founder

  • Indian roots, Australian wings.
  • Passionate about making the internet a better place. Corny, but true.
  • Spelling colour without the ā€˜uā€™ irks me LOTS.
  • Ex-Googler. That sums up how I started my life in Digital.
  • Moved to Melbourne in 2009.
  • Interested in exploring human connection with brands online.


Erin Jeffers

Brand Manager

  • Melburnian, with a few years abroad
  • Coffee addict, but only the good stuff
  • Previously a project manager for Victorian State Government and the NHS in London
  • Passionate about creating and promoting quality content
  • Podcast obsessed
  • Ocean swimmer


Jess Stewart

Customer Success Manager

  • Melbourne girl with American ties
  • Tolerable foodie (I hope)
  • Colour-coder and organiser extraordinaire
  • Podcast listener
  • Collector of hockey bruises
  • I believe that communication is all about giving and receiving


Steph Patchett-Walsh

Marketing Assistant

  • Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Coffee obsessed
  • I like to find solutions that make peoples lives better
  • Always wearing a smile
  • I thrive when faced with a challenge